leaning into the sky.

if we could make our homes in the hearts of stars

what’s the use of seeking out Polaris that which burns fast and furious that which bleeds light into the hearts of hopeful voyagers, lost wanderers; it is not my home   if I could make my home in the galaxy’s... Continue Reading →



(my first attempt at writing a pantun; the pantun is a Malay poetic form that dates back to the 1400s)   have you wondered why does the heart still burn in a cavernous cavity that no longer draws air? i... Continue Reading →


the flowers sit by the window sill drinking in the same square of sunlight as the day you left.   you didn’t leave so much as grow still, yellow-gold of petals haemorrhaging onto pristine glass; a bud growing in reverse,... Continue Reading →

treat yourself

a girl toes a fine line in a balancing act between casting aside responsibilities like driftwood in the Nile and eating her greens doing her homework getting straight As straight into Oxbridge   fuck it all   get a break... Continue Reading →

ego | ergo

how egotistical must i be to think you might be interested in me?   but   you walk me to the bus stop every morning, sometimes, we grab breakfast together; we unwrap our silences in the crinkle of paper bags... Continue Reading →

i swear i’m not a mugger

I don’t mean the kind who rob people of money (I must say I sometimes “forget” to return the 20 cent I borrowed last month) but I don’t sleep with my Biology textbook cos if information travels by diffusion my... Continue Reading →

how (not) to make a pb&j sandwich

first attempt at a twin cinema poem. disclaimer: do not follow these instructions if you want to actually make a successful pb&j sandwich. this is an anti-recipe.

the shortest distance between two points is a line (from me to you)

I always set my clock 14 hours earlier, to catch the sunrise with you in all its 400 lux glory even as the moon yawns awake over here.   I sometimes forget that you don’t speak in Celsius; so when... Continue Reading →

how to fold your paper dreams

Start with folding from corner to corner, contort your body if you have to and hook your fingertips on the finish line but what if I cannot cross that vast expanse to line myself up, flush against the edge, what... Continue Reading →

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