fine bros in a fine city

writing exercise prompt: you are a germ that has disobeyed the five-second rule. the germ police are coming for you.

below is a transcript of a conversation between two very fine germ bros, GERM BRO 1 and GERM BRO 2:

GERM BRO 1: Eh, bro, why did you do that? Now you in deep shit liao, you know?

GERM BRO 2: Huh, simi? What I do?

GERM BRO 1: You newbie is it? Don’t know that can only go in for the kill after 5 seconds ah?

GERM BRO 2: Aiya, if you don’t chope first, how to eat sia? All the food gone liao!

GERM BRO 1: EH BRO LISTEN I think the mata-mata coming liao!

GERM BRO 2: Huh where where where? OMGEE si liao si liao I see them coming already how?

GERM BRO 1: Ok, ok, don’t worry, you this one first offence is it? I think not too bad! Should be just fine.

[after the germ police have come and gone]

GERM BRO 2: EH BRO you say should be fine, never say I need to pay fine?!


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