spwm 2k17: i have no idea what spawned this one. 

today, i lie awake with

the unwelcome voice in my head

it tells me

“you are drunk on halcyon days

heady on a shot of molten gold;

empty false courage from your veins

purge yourself of its hold.”


it forbids me from stretching into the light like

anxious sunflowers that crane their necks for

the first dewdrops of dawn;

it warns me that every good turn begets a catastrophe

because if diamonds are just carbon, well-polished,

then could today’s light be nothing more than

darkness, well-shined?


yet today, i feel golden in the sunlight of this very morn;

let this tiny square of sky, the heartbeat of birdsong

drown out the voice in my mind

maybe it’s time i rise to my feet

and dance to the light of my own dawn.



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