treat yourself

spwm 2k17: know your ABCs, kids. 

a girl toes a fine line in a

balancing act between

casting aside responsibilities like

driftwood in the Nile and

eating her greens doing her homework getting straight As straight into Oxbridge


fuck it all


get a break (get a life)

have a Kit Kat, and another, if you so please.


if you haven’t had a day where you

just laze around in bed and let the hem of pyjama pants

kiss the bird-bones of your ankles or just

let yourself be lost in paper seams and

meandering word-streams,

nip your workaholicism in the bud

open another Neopets account just for fun

procrastinate today before it’s too late

quit that extracurricular club that meets till 7 on Mondays

revel in the ennui of extended Sundays

sip an iced Earl Grey for 8 bucks

treat yourself NOW or else…


under the onslaught of the academic epidemic,

vaccinate against a textbook case of “Burnout” and “Student Syndrome”

with a healthy hoard of Netflix shows and rock music;

Xs in your algebraic class can wait while

you take a compulsory course in

zoning out on demand.


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