ego | ergo

spwm 2k17: ha ha ha. just going to leave this one here and… /skedaddles.

how egotistical must i be

to think you might be interested in me?




you walk me to the bus stop every morning,

sometimes, we grab breakfast together;

we unwrap our silences in the crinkle of paper bags

and attempt to parse out the hidden lines between lines

with disposable cutlery.


you asked me out once;

i caught the first bus back and

over dinner, i watched you deconstruct a sandwich

and if that is how we are unmade

then no, i don’t want to fall in love





you laugh at my jokes

the kind of laugh that traverses your whole body;

i wish i’d remember what i said

just so i could hear

the laugh-lines on your face


ergo, you might be interested in me

and i hope that’s not my ego talking


but on the off-chance that it is,

i can’t and shan’t think that—

i do have romantic interest in you

no, listen—






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