i swear i’m not a mugger

spwm 2k17: this is where we all go “i think the lady doth protests too much!” 

I don’t mean the kind who rob people of money

(I must say I sometimes “forget” to return

the 20 cent I borrowed last month)

but I don’t sleep with my Biology textbook

cos if information travels by diffusion

my head will end up like kosong.


Huh? Yes, I study but –

I’m not saying that I’m smart –

just look at the number of borderline As this term;

I can’t rely on the bell curve god

if my As not as good as the ones you got!


Why? You think I study too much?

Look at that last year senior from 6A

who only got 6As for her ‘A’s!

Of course have to study hard,

if not how to go home with my report card?


I may say yes to more homework

but it’s because –

ONLY because – I really need help with math

need to practise finding those Xs and Ys

till sometimes I also ask why!


Yes, I may look like I study and do nothing else

but you know, I also know how to

play piano ride bicycle play badminton paint


life still like that and study comes first.


Sian what to do,

next week lecture test weightage so high!

Yes, people always say in life need to scale greater heights

but I think first I need to learn to explain

“why is the IE for fluorine so high?” [2m]


So yes, I swear I’m not a mugger because

in last week’s pop quiz

I actually say no to the bonus question leh!


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