the shortest distance between two points is a line (from me to you)

spwm 2k17: brownie points (only) for people who will just read the poem, appreciate it as a poem, and don’t ask any other questions kthxbye. 

I always set my clock 14 hours earlier,

to catch the sunrise with you

in all its 400 lux glory

even as the moon yawns awake over here.


I sometimes forget that you don’t speak in Celsius;

so when I groan and gripe about the sweltering heat here I wonder,

do you feel the careful press of the tropical sun against your back

or is it only the brisk mountain air that runs through your hair?


You don’t say anything about my spelling but

I know you still leave the “u” out of “favourite”

while I keep u in 264KB in my Google Drive

because backing up messages over messenger is a pain in the ass.


Yet, how can this be enough

when there is still 14,550km between us

and then some

in your infrequent replies;

I have to hunch over my phone screen to count

the decibels in your sometime silences,

recreate the exact wavelength of your voice,

piece together the skyline of your jaw

from a single grainy photo on my Samsung S4.


But then, every once in a while,

I get to see you smile into your webcam,

and all 2 megapixels of it will have to be enough.


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