leaning into the sky.

giant clam why you so glam

cratered grey shell with gorgeous plump “lips” rivalling nicki minaj's


love at first sight | love till i first alight

(3 words 3 lines 3 stanzas because bus 333) interchange heat wave elbow rib grave waiting game slave   aircon quiet lull sweet asphalt smile pseudo wedding aisle   public transport angel hello halo stranger slow alight interchange  

fine bros in a fine city

writing exercise prompt: you are a germ that has disobeyed the five-second rule. the germ police are coming for you. below is a transcript of a conversation between two very fine germ bros, GERM BRO 1 and GERM BRO 2. GERM... Continue Reading →

row | roll

disclaimer: i did not make this meme. also, row pronounced as "raaaow" (unofficial phonetic spelling ofc), informal brit term for an argument. and now, onward for the rolls row! first you remake our sushi rolls then you take our movie... Continue Reading →

demand supply

why do you supply your opinion when there is no demand?

don’t kaypoh can

every time i write a poem or a story you come and kacau me say what “eh this one you talking about who ah” “wahseh you like someone is it” “this one real a not huh” “siao why you say... Continue Reading →

tall, dark, and handsome

(write a poem about chocolate without mentioning chocolate?!) you make my heart race velvet cocoa-tan, six pack eighty percent dark  


today, i lie awake with the unwelcome voice in my head it tells me “you are drunk on halcyon days heady on a shot of molten gold; empty false courage from your veins purge yourself of its hold.”   it... Continue Reading →

alternative currency

a series of kuralgar (an ancient form of tamil poetry which is still being used in Singapore today) semi-inspired by bob dylan’s “masters of war”, in particular, “is your money that good / will it buy you forgiveness” and “all... Continue Reading →

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